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What is a "B" Mortgage Lender and How Can They Help You?

Many GTA, Toronto and Ontario Mortgage clients are finding that they are being turned away by the big Canadian banks when it comes to their mortgage financing.

Clients are being declined by banks for marginal transgressions relating to their income and credit report. You need to remember that the banks are only looking for certain types of clients that fit their profile and their their lending guidelines.

The issue is if you don’t fit their cookie cutter model or don’t fall into their lending guidelines, chances are you will be denied the mortgage you need. This is where a GTA Sub-Prime or "B" lender can help.

Sub Prime mortgage lenders often referred to as “B” lenders recognize that not everyone fits the model big banks look for. They understand that people have ups and people have downs that will affect how perfect an application looks. B lenders are willing to work with a variety of clients who include people with both poor credit scores and those who have the inability to prove satisfactory income which is typical of many self-employed people across the GTA.

Our professional GTA - Toronto and Ontario mortgage team works with a wide variety of well-established subprime mortgage lenders who are willing to compete for those clients who don’t fit the big banks ideal client model. They offer competitive interest rates with flexible terms to help people get back on track.

Denied a Mortgage by the Big Banks?

If you have been turned away from the Big Canadian Banks and cannot get the mortgage you need let us show you how we can help.

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